List of Events

  1. Dr Louise Newson

    Hormones and Menopause – The Great Debate The Haymarket

    Dr Louise Newson, a white blonde woman in a high necked long sleeve navy blue top, smiling at the camera with abstract green, yellow, blue and white floral designs behind her
  2. The Illegal Eagles

    The Anvil

    The Illegal Eagles performing on stage
  3. Catrin Finch & Aoife Ní Bhriain

    The Haymarket

    A black room with Aoife Ní Bhriain at the back playing her violin in a salmon jumper. She is behind the strings of a harp that Catrin Finch is playing
  4. The UB40 Years

    The Anvil

    An illustrated silhouette image of UB40 in front of a skyline
  5. Mark Watson: Search

    The Haymarket

    Mark Watson looking up to the sky whilst on a computer, on a yellow-gold background
  6. The Tiger Lillies

    Come On Down (The Nihilism Tour) The Haymarket

    The Tiger Lillies stood inside a church setting looking towards the camera
  7. Will Gregory's Moog Ensemble with Britten Sinfonia

    The Anvil

    a group of musicians playing Moogs in a church
  8. Queenz – Drag Me to the Disco!

    The Anvil

    Five drag queens each dressed in neon clothes and singing into microphones on stage. They each have their right arm in the air
  9. Arms and the Man

    (or The Chocolate Cream Soldier). By George Bernard Shaw The Haymarket

    A man dressed in a Serbian army outfit with a woman wearing a white long sleeve top standing behind him. She has one hand on her cheek and the other hand holding her arm, looking at the man in front of her, who is smiling. There is an open red heart-shaped box on the table in the background
  10. Al Murray

    Guv Island The Anvil

    Al Murray surfing
  11. Pre-Concert Talk: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

    The Forge

    Elena Schwarz smiling at the camera on a plain light background
  12. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

    The Anvil

    Martin James Bartlett stood against a green door, wearing a red blazer and smiling away from the camera