List of Events

  1. Julian Clary: A Fistful of Clary

    A Fistful of Clary The Anvil

    A pop art style image of Julian Clary looking into the camera with five stars either side.
  2. Ruby Wax

    I'm Not as Well as I Thought I Was The Haymarket

    Ruby Wax wearing a red suit jacket, holding a piece of paper with a mouth on that fits with where her mouth would be
  3. Ivo Graham : Organised Fun

    Organised Fun The Haymarket

    Ivo Graham wearing a blue shirt with ducks on, crouching and looking at the camera with his mouth open. He has one hand up and one hand down
  4. Simply Barbra

    The Haymarket

    Steven Brinberg, a drag artist, as Barbra Streisand in a black dress touching her hair with eyes closed on a dark background
  5. Ed Byrne

    Tragedy Plus Time The Anvil

    Ed Byrne looking into the camera with a layer of smashed glass over the image and clock in the background
  6. Joe Pasquale

    The New Normal - 40 Years of Cack... Continued! The Haymarket

    Joe Pasquale standing sideways looking over his shoulder with his hand on his hat
  7. Six Chick Flicks

    The Haymarket

    Two women sat in auditorium seats holding popcorn and a drink. They are smiling at something to the side of the camera, and there is a pink background
  8. Viggo Venn

    British Comedian The Haymarket

    Viggo Venn wearing a high-vis jacket, smiling at the camera on a yellow background
  9. Clinton Baptiste: Roller Ghoster!

    The Haymarket

    Clinton Baptiste on a roller coaster
  10. Richard Herring

    Can I Have My Ball Back? The Haymarket

    Richard Herring holding a white ball on a bright orange background
  11. The Spooky Men's Chorale

    The Haymarket

    The Spooky Men sitting on scaffolding jutting out over a city
  12. Rhod Gilbert & The Giant Grapefruit

    The Anvil

    Black and white image of Rhod Gilbert's head on a smaller body wearing all black with his arms crossed, leaning against a colourful grapefruit