List of Events

  1. George Michael tribute singing into a microphone


    The George Michael Tribute The Anvil

  2. The Unthanks stood in front of trees (old filter image)

    The Unthanks in Winter

    With special guest Katherine Priddy The Haymarket

    Sold out
  3. The cast of The Lock In 'Christmas Carol' wearing costumes

    The Lock In 'Christmas Carol'

    Featuring The Demon Barbers The Haymarket

  4. A man smiling in front of a microphone, holding a guitar. There are four band members behind him playing a variety of instruments.

    Buddy Holly & The Cricketers

    Holly At Christmas 2023 – 31 Years of Rock 'n' Rolling The World! The Haymarket

  5. Cara Dillon on stage with Christmas trees

    Cara Dillon

    Upon A Winter's Night The Haymarket

  6. Philharmonia Brass on stage

    Philharmonia Brass at Christmas

    The Haymarket

  7. The words: Tennessee Country Christmas Show with a picture of Dolly Parton in a Christmas hat, plus two people in cowboy hats - one singer / one guitarist

    Tennessee Country Christmas Show

    The Haymarket


  8. Four members of The Albion Band stood next to one another in front of a Christmas tree with lights on

    The Albion Band Christmas Show

    The Haymarket

  9. The Fisherman's Friends stood with an anchor by the edge of the sea.

    Fisherman's Friends

    Rock The Boat Tour – Plus Support The Anvil

    Sold out
  10. A colour background with a jukebox and guitars, along with the logo for That'll Be The Day

    That'll Be The Day

    The Anvil

  11. Hannah Scott stood in front of a brick wall.

    Hannah Scott

    The Forge

  12. Clearwater Creedence Revival performing on stage

    Clearwater Creedence Revival

    'Bayou Country' 40th Anniversary Tour + Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse The Anvil