List of Events

  1. What The Butler Saw

    by Joe Orton The Haymarket

    A woman's legs with red high heels on, next to a police hat and a stethoscope. The Background is a spiral of red, white and blue, and there are handcuffs dangling into the image
  2. The Mysterious Mr Love

    by Karoline Leach The Haymarket

    A lady wearing a brown coat stood by a doorway with a shadow of a man in a top hat next to her
  3. Arms and the Man

    (or The Chocolate Cream Soldier). By George Bernard Shaw The Haymarket

    A man dressed in a Serbian army outfit with a woman wearing a white long sleeve top standing behind him. She has one hand on her cheek and the other hand holding her arm, looking at the man in front of her, who is smiling. There is an open red heart-shaped box on the table in the background
  4. Dracula

    by Bram Stoker. Adapted for the stage by Nick Lane The Haymarket

    A man in black with a top hat stands with his back to the picture. In front of him is a creepy castle, and to his right is an old ship on stormy seas
  5. A Christmas Carol

    The Haymarket


    An older man looking at the camera with a half-lit serious face, as if to be looking through a window with snow falling around a dark London background, and a lit candle in the foreground