List of Events

  1. Six members of Into the Melting Pot performing on stage with musical instruments

    Into the Melting Pot

    By Clare Norburn. Directed by BAFTA-nominated Nicholas Renton The Haymarket

  2. Julius Caesar

    By William Shakespeare The Haymarket

  3. A bride holding yellow and purple flowers, stood in front of eerie black gates

    Great Expectations

    By Charles Dickens The Haymarket

  4. A woman in a black and white outfit with a black hat on

    Austen's Women: LADY SUSAN

    The Haymarket

  5. A paint style image of a women with her hands around a crystal ball. Inside a man in handcuffs surrounded by a range of items (a prop gun, a key, playing cards, a safe, an elephant, and a fish bowl)

    Houdini's Greatest Escape

    The Haymarket

  6. A woman's legs with red high heels on, next to a police hat and a stethoscope. The Background is the union jack flag, and there are handcuffs dangling into the image

    What The Butler Saw

    by Joe Orton The Haymarket