List of Events

  1. The Bootleg Beatles

    The Anvil

    The Bootleg Beatles on a white stage performing
  2. That'll Be The Day

    The Anvil

    A colour background with a jukebox and guitars, along with the logo for That'll Be The Day
  3. Cloudbusting The Music of Kate Bush

    The Line, The Cross & The Curve Tour The Haymarket

    A three sectioned image of five performers with musical instruments or singing with a line, a cross, and a curve above them
  4. Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

    The Anvil

    Rumours of Fleetwood Mac stood in a line wearing all-black outfits on a grey background
  5. Frank Sinatra – The Retirement Concert

    starring Richard Shelton with the Syd Lawrence Orchestra The Anvil

    A black and white picture of Richard Shelton as Frank Sinatra with the orchestra in the background
  6. The Counterfeit Stones - It's Phoney Rock 'n' Roll

    It's Phoney Rock 'n' Roll The Haymarket

    The Counterfeit Stones posing
  7. An Evening with Ginger Alden

    Elvis Presley's Last Love and Fiancée The Anvil

    An old fashioned cut out of Elvis Presley sat next to Ginger Alden
  8. Disco Inferno

    The Anvil

    Four performers on stage in '70s disco clothes
  9. Rebecca Ferguson

    The Anvil

    A paint style artwork of Rebecca Ferguson with a gold flower and feather crown on her head
  10. Calling Planet Earth

    The Show That Defines a Decade The Anvil

    "Calling Planet Earth" in neon pink text over a crowd of people
  11. Whitney – Queen of the Night

    The Anvil

    A Whitney Houston tribute on stage with her arm up in the air, looking towards it. She is wearing a blue sparkly dress on a blue-lit background
  12. The Diana Ross Story

    The Anvil

    A Diana Ross Impersonator in a large ruffled white dress singing into a microphone with one arm up and other dancers in the background all in a blue light