List of Events

  1. The Illegal Eagles

    The Anvil

    The Illegal Eagles performing on stage
  2. The UB40 Years

    The Anvil

    An illustrated silhouette image of UB40 in front of a skyline
  3. The Tiger Lillies

    Come On Down (The Nihilism Tour) The Haymarket

    The Tiger Lillies stood inside a church setting looking towards the camera
  4. Will Gregory's Moog Ensemble with Britten Sinfonia

    The Anvil

    a group of musicians playing Moogs in a church
  5. Queenz – Drag Me to the Disco!

    The Anvil

    Five drag queens each dressed in neon clothes and singing into microphones on stage. They each have their right arm in the air
  6. Nick Heyward

    The Haymarket

    Nick Heyward smiling at the camera on a plain background, wearing a dark blue roll-neck jumper and glasses
  7. The Story of Guitar Heroes

    The Anvil

    Three male performers playing guitars, with images of guitars in the background
  8. A Night at the Movies

    The Soundtrack of Your Life The Anvil

    "A Night At The Movies" written inside a black box with a red outline and lights around it. The background is a night sky with stars and buildings
  9. 10cc

    The Ultimate Ultimate Greatest Hits Tour The Anvil

    Five members of 10cc stood in a line, smiling at the camera
  10. Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells Live in Concert

    Extended 50th Anniversary Celebrations The Anvil

    Tubular Bells logo, a silver pipe that is bent into a triangular shape with the ends crossed over each other. it is on a background that is a gradient of red, pink, blue, and green
  11. Brit Floyd

    P·U·L·S·E: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Division Bell The Anvil

    A red circle with colourful sound waves going into it
  12. Turin Brakes Acoustic

    The Haymarket

    A dark stage with a spotlight on an amp and an acoustic guitar