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Welcome to Anvil Arts - at the heart of music and culture in Basingstoke

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One of the most vital arts organisations in Southern England
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Anvil Arts is the largest performing arts organisation in Hampshire. We are an independent charitable trust that operates three fantastic cultural venues in Basingstoke, and presents a year-round programme of arts, entertainment and community engagement in Basingstoke and in community settings around the borough.

Anvil Arts' programme encompasses the best in music, performance, arts participation and community engagement. Since opening in 1994, we have sold more than 5,000,000 tickets, attracted audience members from as far afield as Iceland, Argentina and Japan, and generated at least £55m for the local economy. Every year, our programme brings more than 200,000 people into Basingstoke town centre, making it a destination for enrichment and enjoyment. It is unusual for a town of Basingstoke’s size to have a venue of the scale and quality of The Anvil, and we are one of the key advantages in positioning the town as a desirable place to live, work, visit and relocate to. What we do gives Basingstoke a national reputation as a town with a strong cultural offer.

We are proud to bring world-class artists to Basingstoke and to ensure that our audiences have access to the highest quality musicians, artists and practitioners. Alongside this we aim to deliver customer service that delights every time, both back and front of house.

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There is no earthly reason why Basingstoke Anvil should be one of the greatest nights of a tour. But it just is, every time
Dara O'Briain

30,000 local children and young people perform on our stages each year

Find out all the ways we engage with our local schools to deliver musical and cultural education
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