List of Events

  1. Pre-Concert Talk: Philharmonia Orchestra

    The Forge

    Tabita Berglund crouched on a rock by the sea with her baton
  2. Pre-concert talk: Chineke!

    The Forge

    Elena Urioste smiling with her hand in the air
  3. Tony Stockwell: Psychic Medium

    Psychic Medium The Haymarket

    Tony Stockwell looking into the camera with a blue sky behind him.
  4. Toad on the Road

    An Evening with Neighbours' star Ryan Moloney The Haymarket

    Ryan Moloney smiling at the camera with his hands folded, wearing a white t-shirt and black blazer
  5. Sir Ranulph Fiennes

    Mad, Bad, and Dangerous The Anvil

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes stood outdoors wearing a black and blue coat with expedition equipment attached, on a dark and cloudy mountainous background
  6. An Evening with Richard Carpenter

    The Anvil

    Richard Carpenter leaning on a piano, smiling at the camera
  7. Dr Louise Newson

    Hormones and Menopause – The Great Debate The Haymarket

    Dr Louise Newson, a white blonde woman in a high necked long sleeve navy blue top, smiling at the camera with abstract green, yellow, blue and white floral designs behind her
  8. Pre-Concert Talk: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

    The Forge

    Elena Schwarz smiling at the camera on a plain light background
  9. An Evening with Jimmy Tarbuck

    The Haymarket

    Five photos of Jimmy Tarbuck at various ages within circular frames on a red theatre curtain background
  10. An Evening with Snooker Greats

    Stephen Hendry vs Mark Williams, hosted by Dennis Taylor The Anvil

    Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams looking at the camera, holding snooker cues. The words "hosted by Dennis Taylor" run along the bottom, below a circular photo of him
  11. Dick and Angel: Forever Home

    (Avec Le Nitty Gritty) The Anvil

    Dick and Angel Strawbridge stood outside with their two children, with a house in the background
  12. Aled Jones

    Full Circle The Haymarket

    Aled Jones stood in front of a wall laughing.