List of Events

  1. Mississippi MacDonald

    The Forge

    Mississippi MacDonald playing an electric guitar
  2. Alexander O'Neal

    Time to Say Goodbye: Farewell Tour The Anvil

    A silhouette of Alexander O'Neal from the back, with his right hand in the air. He is wearing a long coat and hat on a grey background; the only colour in the image is red on the sole of his shoe
  3. Jools Holland

    featuring Gilson Lavis, with special guests Imelda May and Toby Lee, and guest vocalists Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall, and Sumudu Jayatilaka The Anvil

    Jools Holland standing with one hand in his pocket and the other leaning on a table. He is wearing a dark suit and smiling at the camera
  4. Joe Bonamassa

    Friends: Thu 18 Apr / General: Fri 19 Apr (10am)

    The Anvil

    Joe Bonamassa wearing dark glasses, a white shirt, and a black blazer, playing a red electric guitar on a dark background
  5. Dancing In The Streets

    The Anvil

    "Dancing in the Streets" in gold text on a black background, with blue silhouettes of Motown singers either side
  6. The Chicago Blues Brothers

    Respect The Haymarket

    The Chicago Blues Brothers dressed in black suit and ties, sat on the front of a car. There are other musicians and singers either side, on a red background