List of Events

  1. Al Murray

    Guv Island The Anvil

    Al Murray surfing
  2. An Evening with Jimmy Tarbuck

    The Haymarket

    Five photos of Jimmy Tarbuck at various ages within circular frames on a red theatre curtain background
  3. Lucy Beaumont

    The Trouble & Strife The Anvil

    A cartoon of Lucy Beaumont in a pink circle holding a microphone
  4. Ed Gamble

    Hot Diggity Dog The Anvil

    Ed Gamble sat at a table with a hotdog in front of him on a plate, with red and yellow sauces around his mouth and down the front of his white t-shirt. He has one hand on the table and the other wiping the corner of his mouth, looking up and away from the camera, on a dark background
  5. John Bishop

    Back At It The Anvil


    John Bishop wearing a grey suit smiling with his hand near his chin
  6. Sh!t-faced Shakespeare

    A Midsummer Night's Dream The Haymarket

    Five members of the Sh!t-faced Shakespeare cast looking at the camera in shock as the leading man holds a glass of beer
  7. Sarah Millican: Late Bloomer

    Late Bloomer The Anvil


    Sarah Millican wearing a yellow top smiling at the camera with her hand on her chin
  8. Shaparak Khorsandi

    Scatterbrain The Haymarket

    Shaparak Khorsandi stood in front of a white wall in a red velvet blazer with a small gold necklace with a red pendant
  9. Adam Kay

    Undoctored The Anvil

    Adam Kay wearing a white t-shirt with a red heart and the letter A on, in front of a microphone
  10. Lucy Porter

    No Regrets! The Haymarket

    Lucy Porter waving one arm in the air and the other holding a bag that contains a dog, stood in front an orange-lit background
  11. Nish Kumar: Nish, Don't Kill My Vibe

    The Anvil

    Nish Kumar with a serious face looking into the distance, on a plain black background
  12. Russell Kane

    HyperActive The Anvil

    Russell Kane holding his weight on one hand on a white cubed box, with his body horizontally in the air and his mouth open