List of Events

  1. Rob Beckett

    Giraffe The Anvil


    Rob Beckett's face with a long neck on a yellow background. He is wearing glasses and has a surprised expression
  2. Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny

    The Anvil

    Jimmy Carr sat behind a desk with his hands slightly raised and his mouth open, wearing a suit. He is in front of a bright orange background
  3. Jack Dee

    Small World The Anvil

    Jack Dee's head and shoulders horizontally on the screen with the top of his head next to a globe, on an orange background
  4. Harry Hill

    New Bits & Greatest Hits The Haymarket

    Harry Hill wearing a white shirt with an oversized collar and black blazer with two badges on, with glasses on and his mouth open in a surprised expression, on a bright pink background
  5. Mo Gilligan

    plus special guests The Anvil

    Mo Gilligan wearing a black t-shirt, holding a microphone and pointing a finger up in the air
  6. Rhod Gilbert & The Giant Grapefruit

    The Anvil

    Black and white image of Rhod Gilbert's head on a smaller body wearing all black with his arms crossed, leaning against a colourful grapefruit