Close up of Dawn French smiling slightly with one eyebrow raised, on a black background

Dawn French is a Huge Twat

Comedy Wed 18 Sep 2024, 7:30pm The Anvil



£49, £44 (includes £4 booking fee)


Suitable for: ages 14 and over

Rescheduled from 25 Nov 2023

A statement from Dawn French:

"This show is so-named because unfortunately, it's horribly accurate.

There have been far too many times I have made stupid mistakes or misunderstood something vital or jumped the gun in a spectacular display of twattery.

I thought I might tell some of these buttock-clenching embarrassing stories to give the audience a peek behind the scenes of my work life...

Roll up! Book early to see the telly vicar lady be a total twat on-stage, live-in front of your very eyes. And ears."


4 Stars

Great fun. It reminds us just how well French can hold a stage. A jolly show packed with celebrity anecdotes
The Times

4 Stars

Mini masterpieces of self-mockery. Hugely engaging stories from her 40-year career
The Guardian

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