List of Events

  1. Joe Bonamassa

    Friends: Thu 18 Apr / General: Fri 19 Apr (10am)

    The Anvil

    Joe Bonamassa wearing dark glasses, a white shirt, and a black blazer, playing a red electric guitar on a dark background
  2. Basingstoke Primary Schools Music : The Elements

    The Anvil


    A view from the back of the stage at The Anvil behind lots of children and a few adults playing a wide range of instruments looking out towards the packed auditorium with confetti falling from above them.
  3. G4: 20th Anniversary Tour

    20th Anniversary Tour The Haymarket

    Duncan Sandilands, Jonathan Ansell, Mike Christie, Jai McDowall in suits looking into the camera
  4. Pink - Beautiful Trauma

    The Anvil

    A greyscale image of Stacy Green, a Pink tribute artist, with herself and four other band members as a smaller image in the bottom left corner, on a purple sparkly background
  5. Dean Owens

    The Forge

    A black and white photo of Dean Owens, an older white man wearing a hat, shirt and jacket with a guitar strapped around him. He is stood in front of a white building with an American stop sign on the floor and his arms outstretched either side of him
  6. Romeo a Juliet

    based on the play by William Shakespeare The Haymarket

    Two dancers mid-air with a city landscape behind them
  7. Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra: Midsummer Miscellany

    Midsummer Miscellany The Anvil

    Elspeth Dutch smiling at the camera on a dark background
  8. Mark Morriss

    The Forge

    Mark Moriss wearing a smart grey jacket, leaning against a blue wall
  9. Tony Stockwell: Psychic Medium

    Psychic Medium The Haymarket

    Tony Stockwell looking into the camera with a blue sky behind him.
  10. Albert Lee & Band

    The Haymarket

  11. Richard Herring

    Can I Have My Ball Back? The Haymarket

    Richard Herring holding a white ball on a bright orange background
  12. The Spooky Men's Chorale

    The Haymarket

    The Spooky Men sitting on scaffolding jutting out over a city