List of Events

  1. Cirque – The Greatest Show

    Where Musical Theatre Meets Circus The Anvil

    a man holding a multi-coloured umbrella on the right of the photo. To the left is a large group of circus acts stood on stage throwing confetti
  2. An Evening with Jimmy Tarbuck

    The Haymarket

    Five photos of Jimmy Tarbuck at various ages within circular frames on a red theatre curtain background
  3. An Evening with Snooker Greats

    Stephen Hendry vs Mark Williams, hosted by Dennis Taylor The Anvil

    Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams looking at the camera, holding snooker cues. The words "hosted by Dennis Taylor" run along the bottom, below a circular photo of him
  4. Lucy Beaumont

    The Trouble & Strife The Anvil

    A cartoon of Lucy Beaumont in a pink circle holding a microphone
  5. Steeleye Span

    The 55th Anniversary – The Green Man Tour The Haymarket

    Six people in front of an old brown wall. Left to right is, an older balding man with a greying goatee wearing a blue marble effect short sleeve shirt with white t-shirt underneath, a young blonde woman with lightly curled hair wearing a brown and black long sleeve dress, an older man with a long white beard tied in the middle, wearing a green beanie and a green shirt, an older blonde woman with wearing a white shirt under a red patchwork coat, an older bald man with glasses, stubble and a black t-shirt and, an older balding man wearing a black shirt
  6. Ed Gamble

    Hot Diggity Dog The Anvil

    Ed Gamble sat at a table with a hotdog in front of him on a plate, with red and yellow sauces around his mouth and down the front of his white t-shirt. He has one hand on the table and the other wiping the corner of his mouth, looking up and away from the camera, on a dark background
  7. Nick Heyward

    The Haymarket

    Nick Heyward smiling at the camera on a plain background, wearing a dark blue roll-neck jumper and glasses
  8. Dick and Angel: Forever Home

    (Avec Le Nitty Gritty) The Anvil

    Dick and Angel Strawbridge stood outside with their two children, with a house in the background
  9. The Story of Guitar Heroes

    The Anvil

    Three male performers playing guitars, with images of guitars in the background
  10. Aled Jones

    Full Circle The Haymarket

    Aled Jones stood in front of a wall laughing.
  11. Dancing In The Streets

    The Anvil

    "Dancing in the Streets" in gold text on a black background, with blue silhouettes of Motown singers either side
  12. Pre-Concert Talk: Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra of Tokyo

    The Forge

    Sebastian Weigle wearing a black shirt and smiling at the camera