List of Events

  1. Catrin Finch & Aoife Ní Bhriain

    The Haymarket

    A black room with Aoife Ní Bhriain at the back playing her violin in a salmon jumper. She is behind the strings of a harp that Catrin Finch is playing
  2. Promises and Lies – The UB40 Years

    The Anvil

    An illustrated silhouette image of UB40 in front of a skyline
  3. Steeleye Span

    The 55th Anniversary – The Green Man Tour The Haymarket

    Six people in front of an old brown wall. Left to right is, an older balding man with a greying goatee wearing a blue marble effect short sleeve shirt with white t-shirt underneath, a young blonde woman with lightly curled hair wearing a brown and black long sleeve dress, an older man with a long white beard tied in the middle, wearing a green beanie and a green shirt, an older blonde woman with wearing a white shirt under a red patchwork coat, an older bald man with glasses, stubble and a black t-shirt and, an older balding man wearing a black shirt
  4. Juan Martín

    The Forge

    Juan playing the acoustic guitar against a beige wall with golden light shining on him
  5. Le Vent du Nord

    The Haymarket

    Five white men with a mix of short and long hair and beards each holding an instrument, two have violins, one has a guitar, one has an accordion, and the other has a hurdy gurdy
  6. The Albion Christmas Band

    25th Anniversary Tour The Haymarket

    Four members of The Albion Band performing on stage
  7. Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band

    Carols & Capers – The Fortieth Anniversary & Farewell Tour The Haymarket

    Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band standing in a cream room with large windows. The four band members are playing lots of different instruments
  8. The Unthanks in Winter

    The Haymarket

    Five members of The Unthanks standing outside wearing coats, looking to and away from the camera with neutral facial expressions
  9. Levellers Collective

    2025 Acoustic Tour, plus special guests The Anvil

    Black and white photo of the backs of nine members of the Levellers on stage, looking towards the audience with their arms around each other