List of Events

  1. A tribute artist to Judy Garland sits in silhouette, looking down.

    Just Judy

    The brand new Judy Garland musical biopic, by Brad Clapson The Haymarket

  2. The logo for That'll Be The Day

    That'll Be The Day

    The Anvil

  3. Mark Watson sits in a bathtub in a suit with a laptop on his lap.

    Mark Watson

    How You Can Almost Win The Haymarket

  4. The Blues Band members are standing next to each other looking and smiling at the camera

    The Blues Band

    The Haymarket

  5. An actress walks down a staircase in an elegant yellow and blue gown. She is on set, with a detective and camerawoman at the bottom of the stairs.

    Crimes, Camera, Action

    The Haymarket

  6. The Syd Lawrence Orchestra live on stage showing the trumpet section

    The Syd Lawrence Orchestra

    Live and Swinging The Haymarket

  7. Albert Lee looks down at his guitar as he plays it

    Albert Lee & Band

    The Haymarket

  8. Jack Dee pulls an unimpressed face and looks at the camera

    Jack Dee

    Off The Telly The Anvil

  9. Lucy Worsley stands in a black dress wearing a martini glass. She is in a room of people in classic "murder mystery" attire.

    Lucy Worsley

    A Very British Murder The Anvil

  10. Performing artists stand in a row, looking into the camera in an industrial setting.

    Broadside Ballads

    with Lisa Knapp, Marry Waterson, Nathaniel Mann, Barney Morse Brown and Laurence Hunt The Haymarket

  11. A collaborative photo of Jam throughout the years

    From The Jam

    That's Entertainment - Up Close & Acoustic The Anvil

  12. Mark Steel smirks at the camera wearing a fedora

    Mark Steel

    Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright The Haymarket