List of Events

  1. Albert Lee & Band

    The Haymarket

  2. Richard Herring

    Can I Have My Ball Back? The Haymarket

    Richard Herring holding a white ball on a bright orange background
  3. The Spooky Men's Chorale

    The Haymarket

    The Spooky Men sitting on scaffolding jutting out over a city
  4. Rhod Gilbert & The Giant Grapefruit

    The Anvil

    Black and white image of Rhod Gilbert's head on a smaller body wearing all black with his arms crossed, leaning against a colourful grapefruit
  5. Tori Freestone and Alcyona Mick

    The Forge

    Tori Freestone playing a saxophone and Alcyona Mick playing a piano
  6. Dance Phaze Nostalgia – Celebrating 15 Years

    The Anvil

    Lots of young dancers performing on a stage under purple lighting
  7. The Smooth Rock Show

    The Haymarket

    "The Smooth Rock Show" written in the middle of the image, surrounded by palm trees and birds, on an orange sunset background
  8. Hampshire County Youth Orchestra - Summer Concert 2024

    The Anvil

    Hampshire County Youth Orchestra performing on a stage
  9. Bramley CE Primary School

    Sherlock and Cinders The Haymarket

    An illustrated picture of a woman and two men is a pink kitchen, the woman has brown hair, a tattered blue dress with a beige apron holding a shining glass slipper. The two men are behind her one is in a tweed deer stalker hat, shawl and overcoat holding a magnifying glass and a smoking pipe. The other is in a waist white shirt with black waist coat and baller hat with a large moustache, he is looking at the mouse on the kitchen counter
  10. Ashford Hill Primary School

    Frozen Jr The Haymarket

    White writing 'Disney Frozen Jr' on a blue background with a blue background
  11. Footsteps Dance School Presents Ohana

    Ohana The Haymarket

    An illustrated image of a night sky with stars and a butterfly in front of a moon, with a silhouette of two palm trees and three people stood next to them
  12. Vanessa Golborn School of Dance - Junior Show

    Make Your Move The Anvil

    Logo 'Vanessa Golborn School of Dance' with a silhouette of a woman gracefully leaping