List of Events

  1. Ed Byrne

    Tragedy Plus Time The Anvil

    Ed Byrne looking into the camera with a layer of smashed glass over the image and clock in the background
  2. An Evening with Ginger Alden

    Elvis Presley's Last Love and Fiancée The Anvil

    An old fashioned cut out of Elvis Presley sat next to Ginger Alden.
  3. BATS: On With The Show: A Musical Theatre Roulette

    A Musical Theatre Roulette The Haymarket

    "On With The Show – A Musical Theatre Roulette" written in the style of theatre lights
  4. Kim Richey

    The Forge

    Kim Richey sat on a sofa with a yellow/brown fluffy cushion on her lap, wearing a black top with one arm up on the back of the sofa
  5. Disco Inferno

    The Anvil

    Four performers on stage in '70s disco clothes
  6. Mississippi MacDonald

    The Forge

    Mississippi MacDonald playing an electric guitar
  7. Rebecca Ferguson

    The Anvil

    A paint style artwork of Rebecca Ferguson with a gold flower and feather crown on her head
  8. Joe Pasquale

    The New Normal - 40 Years of Cack... Continued! The Haymarket

    Joe Pasquale standing sideways looking over his shoulder with his hand on his hat.
  9. Joe Webb/Will Sach Duo

    The Forge

    A split image of two headshots of Joe Webb and Will Sach
  10. What The Butler Saw

    by Joe Orton The Haymarket

    A woman's legs with red high heels on, next to a police hat and a stethoscope. The Background is a spiral of red, white and blue, and there are handcuffs dangling into the image
  11. Pre-Concert Talk: BBC Symphony Orchestra

    The Forge

    Lawrence Power wearing a navy shirt looking at the camera
  12. BBC Symphony Orchestra

    The Anvil

    Vilde Frang cross legged on the floor holding her violin