List of Events

  1. A man is sat in a Professor armchair. He is wearing a navy smoking jacket which has a light blue quilted trim. His right elbow rests on the chair arm, in his hand he has a cigar. His left hand is holding a glass of red wine. The background is black.

    Night Terrors

    Tales of the supernatural from E.F. Benson's collection of ghost stories The Haymarket

  2. A close up shot of four cast members. They are all wearing outrageous costumes

    The Lock In "Christmas Carol"

    featuring the Demon Barbers The Haymarket

  3. A mid-shot of Buddy Holly playing his electric guitar. He is wearing a black tuxedo. Blue stage lights shine behind him

    Buddy Holly & The Cricketers

    Holly at Christmas The Haymarket

  4. A full shot of three male members of the cast. They are all wearing a black tuxedo and are holding out boater hats in front of them. At either side of the men on the end, stands a lady dressed in a blue burlesque feather costumes.

    The Rat Pack Swinging Christmas Show

    featuring special guest Charley Toulan as Marilyn Monroe The Haymarket

  5. A cat sits next to a sign post.

    Sick Whittington

    Hampshire Hospitals Pantomime Players The Haymarket

  6. Jimmy Carr puts his hand to his face as he laughs.

    Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny

    Terribly Funny The Anvil

  7. Prince stands in silhouette in front of a purple background

    The Music of Prince

    New Purple Celebration The Anvil

  8. Jim Davidson stands with his hand on his heart, wearing badges of honour. The Union Jack flag falls above his head in the background, with people texting on their phones.

    Jim Davidson

    Last Man Standing Tour 2020 The Anvil

  9. A dance troupe perform on stage in traditional Irish dance attire. They all stand with one leg behind them with a pointed toe, and their arms behind them also.

    Spirit of the Dance

    The international dance sensation that conquered the world The Anvil

  10. Keith James plays on stage at Glastonbury, holding a guitar and looking out beyond the camera.

    Keith James: The Music of Yusuf - Cat Stevens

    Unicef Concert The Forge

  11. A close up of 'Bon Jovi' from below. His face is shaded and the focus is on his guitar.

    Wrong Jovi

    The Haymarket

  12. Guitarists stand behind a wall of flames. Ashes fly from the fire.

    The Classic Rock Show 2020

    The Classic Rock Fan's Ultimate Live Juke Box! The Anvil