List of Events

  1. Martin Taylor

    The Forge

    Martin Taylor sat with his arm leaning on a guitar, smiling at the camera
  2. Viggo Venn

    British Comedian The Haymarket

    Viggo Venn wearing a high-vis jacket, smiling at the camera on a yellow background
  3. The Mysterious Mr Love

    by Karoline Leach The Haymarket

    A lady wearing a brown coat stood by a doorway with a shadow of a man in a top hat next to her
  4. Pre-concert talk: Chineke!

    The Forge

    Elena Urioste smiling with her hand in the air
  5. Chineke! Orchestra

    The Anvil

    Elena Urioste sat on the floor with a violin
  6. The Diana Ross Story

    The Anvil

    A Diana Ross Impersonator in a large ruffled white dress singing into a microphone with one arm up and other dancers in the background all in a blue light
  7. Omar Puente & Ilario Ferrari

    Mediterranean Meets Cuba The Forge

    Split image of Ilario Ferrari in a white graphic t-shirt and black blazer, on the left leaning out from the stage with his hand outstretched very dramatically. And Omar Puente with glasses and a black shirt with a white blazer, playing a violin and smiling
  8. Mi Flamenco

    Echoes The Haymarket

    A woman falling from the sky with her arms outstretched and red flowers in her mouth, looking at the camera
  9. FitkinWall – Harpland

    The Haymarket

    Ruth Wall and Graham Fitkin performing on stage with various harps, surrounded by blue lighting
  10. Clinton Baptiste: Roller Ghoster!

    The Haymarket

    Clinton Baptiste on a roller coaster
  11. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

    A musical play adapted and directed by David Wood. Based on the book by Judith Kerr The Haymarket

    An illustrated image of a young girl sat next to a tiger at a table, on a white background
  12. Jools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

    featuring Gilson Lavis, with special guests Imelda May and Toby Lee, and guest vocalists Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall, and Sumudu Jayatilaka The Anvil

    Jools Holland standing with one hand in his pocket and the other leaning on a table. He is wearing a dark suit and smiling at the camera