List of Events

  1. Juan Martín

    The Forge

    Juan playing the acoustic guitar
  2. The Musication Station

    Old Basing & Lychpit Carnival

    The logo for 'The Musication Station' which dark blue, green, pink and yellow alternating letter spelling out 'The Musication Station'
  3. Joe Bonamassa

    The Anvil

    Joe Bonamassa wearing dark glasses, a white shirt, and a black blazer, playing a red electric guitar on a dark background
  4. Basingstoke Primary Schools Music : The Elements

    The Anvil


    A view from the back of the stage at The Anvil behind lots of children and a few adults playing a wide range of instruments looking out towards the packed auditorium with confetti falling from above them.
  5. G4

    20th Anniversary Tour The Haymarket

    Duncan Sandilands, Jonathan Ansell, Mike Christie, Jai McDowall in suits looking into the camera
  6. Pink - Beautiful Trauma

    The Anvil

    A greyscale image of Stacy Green, a Pink tribute artist, with herself and four other band members as a smaller image in the bottom left corner, on a purple sparkly background
  7. Kingsclere Performing Arts College

    Summer Showcase The Haymarket

    Three women on a grey background with orange smoke around them, the left one is brunette in a black leotard with hair in a tight bun dancing, the middle is ginger in a grey striped shirt with her left arm up looking and mouth open, the right one is dark haired in a red dress with both arms out to the side and she is singing
  8. Dean Owens

    The Forge

    A black and white photo of Dean Owens, an older white man wearing a hat, shirt and jacket with a guitar strapped around him. He is stood in front of a white building with an American stop sign on the floor and his arms outstretched either side of him
  9. Romeo a Juliet

    based on the play by William Shakespeare The Haymarket

    Two dancers mid-air with a city landscape behind them
  10. Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra: Midsummer Miscellany

    Midsummer Miscellany The Anvil

    Elspeth Dutch smiling at the camera on a dark background
  11. Mark Morriss

    The Forge

    Mark Moriss wearing a smart grey jacket, leaning against a blue wall
  12. Tony Stockwell: Psychic Medium

    Psychic Medium The Haymarket

    Tony Stockwell looking into the camera with a blue sky behind him.