The Haymarket Access Facilities



  • There is no level access into the venue
  • The main doors open automatically
  • The doors are double
  • The width of the door opening is 85cm (2ft 9in)


  • There is a ramp/slope to access this area
  • The ramp/slope is located immediately beyond the entrance
  • The ramp/slope is moderate
  • The ramp/slope is permanent


  • The counter is 5m (5yd 1ft) from the main entrance
  • There is level access to the counter from the entrance
  • The counter is high (110cm+)
  • The counter has a low (76cm or lower) section
  • The lighting levels are medium
  • There is a hearing assistance system (fixed loop)


  • There are designated spaces for wheelchair users
  • Designated seating is located in Row U of the Stalls
  • Designated seating with limited views in Row U
  • Wheelchairs are left with the patron
  • A companion may sit next to you
  • It is 32m (34yd 2ft) from the designated seating area to the nearest accessible toilet
  • There is a hearing assistance system (portable loop)
  • There is a wheelchair available to borrow
  • Concessions are available
  • Assistance dogs are allowed in the auditorium


  • The floors which are accessible by stairs are G 1-2
  • There are 15+ steps between floors
  • The steps are clearly marked
  • The steps are deep (18cm+)
  • The steps do have handrails
  • The steps have a handrail on both sides
  • There is not a landing
  • The lighting levels are medium


  • Once inside, there is level access to the service
  • Drinks are ordered from the counter
  • There is not a lowered section at the service counter
  • Some chairs are permanently fixed
  • The nearest table is 10m (10yd 2ft) from the main lift
  • The distance between the floor and the lowest table is 53cm (1ft 9in)
  • The distance between the floor and the highest table is 103cm (3ft 5in)
  • The type of food served here is bar snacks


  • The toilet is not for the sole use of disabled people
  • There is pictorial signage on or near the toilet door
  • This accessible toilet is approximately 9m (9yd 2ft) from the main entrance
  • The accessible toilet is located to the left as you enter
  • There is level access to this accessible toilet
  • The width of the accessible toilet door is 85cm (2ft 9in)
  • The door is heavy
  • The dimensions of the accessible toilet are 150cm x 170cm (4ft 11in x 5ft 7in)
  • Wall-mounted grab rails are available
  • As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on the right
  • The wash basin can be reached from seated on the toilet
  • The wash basin is not placed higher than 74cm (2ft 5in)


  • There is a lift for public use
  • The lift is located to the right as you enter the building
  • The lift is a standard lift
  • The floors which are accessible by this lift are G 1-2
  • The lift is 10m (32ft 10in) from main entrance
  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift
  • The clear door width is 77cm (2ft 6in)
  • The dimensions of the lift are 108cm x 134cm (3ft 7in x 4ft 5in)
  • There are separate entry and exit doors in the lift
  • The controls for the lift are within reach for a wheelchair user
  • The lighting level in the lift is bright

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