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The Musication Station invites everyone to pick up an instrument and discover their creativity.

We are a drop-in music project which provides a range of electric and acoustic instruments for people of all ages and abilities to try. We want to share our love of music and give everyone a chance to experiment with an instrument. Staffed by professional musicians, participants are supported in their exploration and learning.

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My four-year-old son loves the Musication Station, especially the drums! This was his first time playing with instruments


We bring a large range of instruments to your event and set everything up ready for the public. Our professional musicians on hand can accommodate 12-15 people at a time with an electric set up, and 10 people at a time with an acoustic set up. Musication Station works well if booking a small group for an hour or so, however when running for a full day we often see 150 to 200 people.


We work with one class, or roughly 30 students at a time, and split the group into two. One group concentrates on pulse and rhythm, creating their own song. The other group is invited to use our instruments and explore what works for them. We then swap the groups, so everyone has the chance to do each activity. Sessions run for approximately 50 mins but can be adapted to meet your class lengths.

Your support allows us to buy more instruments for The Musication Station


What You Need to Know

Suitable for: All ages and abilities

What we offer: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass (we also have ¾ size and left-handed instruments), electric drums, keyboards, ukulele, electric violins and percussion. Also, song-writing and singing!

Mental wellbeing: we use evaluation tools to measure mental health change. All participants are asked to fill in a wellness questionnaire before and after.

How to book: To find out more about the Musication Station, or to book it for your event/school, please contact:

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A great place to try each instrument in a fun and relaxed setting. Thank you!

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