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Working with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestra Unwrapped is a specially devised hour-long concert for children aged 7 – 11. The programme offers thousands of children the opportunity to experience live music in an engaging and exciting way, both listening and performing.

Signing up includes:

  • Live education concerts featuring a full symphony orchestra introduced by education specialist Paul Rissmann, who guides the children on a fun and interactive journey through the orchestra's instruments, players and music
  • Learning resources for children and teachers, for use in both the classroom and at home
  • INSET teacher training, equipping teachers with the skills to maximise the concert experience for their pupils, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of music, as well as developing personal creativity, expression, confidence and group work skills
  • The concerts are interactive and participatory; the INSET training delivers a substantial audience participation segment to be taught by teachers in-school prior to the concert. The audience participation piece typically includes singing, body percussion and rap. It is designed to be learned and taught by non-music specialists
  • Suitable for all children. As well as mainstream schools, Orchestra Unwrapped concerts are regularly attended by SEN schools, home educated children, pupil referral units, and looked after children. Materials and activities can be tailored as appropriate

The Philharmonia Orchestra is Anvil Arts Orchestra in Partnership.

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Excellent choice of repertoire and brilliantly presented
St Mary’s Bentworth Primary

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Location: The Anvil

Suitable for: KS1 – KS3 / SEN groups


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