List of Events

  1. Basingstoke Tappers

    Basingstoke Tappers & Jazz Dance Co

    Showstoppin': Shake a Tail Feather The Haymarket

  2. Romesh is standing in a praying position with fire around him

    Romesh Ranganathan

    The Cynic's Mixtape The Anvil

  3. Two men in red suits are singing into a microphone in front of a starry blue background

    Richard & Adam

    The Greatest Songmen The Haymarket

  4. A painted forward facing image of Lloyd Cole's face is on a plain black background

    Lloyd Cole

    From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork 2019 The Anvil

  5. A live photo of Wishbone Ash playing their instruments on stage

    Wishbone Ash

    50th Anniversary Tour The Haymarket

  6. Two black envelopes lay on a table with gold calligraphy writing on them


    Craft Workshop The Anvil

  7. An upper torso shot of Jonathan Pie in a black suit looking at the camera

    Jonathan Pie

    The Fake News Tour The Anvil

  8. Graeme Swann is facing the camera in his cricket clothing. Henry Blofeld, who is wearing a red shirt is also facing the camera. Only the upper half of their torso is in shot

    Swann & Blofeld

    Dancing Down The Wicket The Haymarket

  9. A live shot of Doug MacLeod playing his guitar

    Doug MacLeod

    The Forge

  10. Introduction to Rag Rugs Workshop

    Craft Workshop The Anvil

  11. Andrea McLean gestures a 'hush' with her finger over her mouth.

    Andrea McLean: Confessions

    The Haymarket

  12. Christopher Cross is wearing a blue suit. He is sat on a backwards facing chair with an acoustic chair in front of it

    Christopher Cross

    Take Me As I Am Tour 2019 The Anvil