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The Unthanks in Winter

Global/Folk With special guest Katherine Priddy Tue 12 Dec 2023, 7:30pm The Haymarket

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At this point in their almost 20 years together, it's easy to imagine that The Unthanks must surely have done a seasonal winter album already, but no!

Known for their genre-blurring creativity, The Unthanks premiere their dream-like winter fantasia – embracing both the dark and the light in the most ritualistic of seasons – moving in and out of focus – like a memory – a hymnal to our shared winter experience. Echoes of winter tunes known throughout the Western world mix with the traditional and the newly written, all passed with great care and love through The Unthanks filter.

“a take on tradition that flips so effortlessly between jazz, classical, ambient and post-rock, it makes any attempt to put a label on them a waste of time.”

The heart-warming pathos and glacial majesty present in their music to date makes a winter concert a mouth-watering prospect. The Unthanks are the perfect band to bring us an abstract new work capturing the magic and wonder of the turn of the year; the end and beginning of the circle of life.


The Unthanks are capable of such beauty that sometimes I can hardly bear to listen to them
Martin Freeman
There are few times when you discover a band and they stalk immediately to the heart of everything you love and hold dear
Maxine Peake
They run from the very root of folk music to the very tip of the branch
Elvis Costello
It’s quite a rare thing now. They’ve really got everything you could want from music. And I’m very fussy
Robert Wyatt
Few of their contemporaries, within both folk music and the wider artistic spectrum, have such a keenly-honed ability to locate in a song the emotional essence that can, in just a single phrase or vocal elision, cut one to the quick
The Independent

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