Kevin Bloody Wilson from waist up holding a guitar and smiling with his mouth open

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Comedy FUPC Tour The Anvil

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Suitable for: ages 16 and over

In a world almost drowning in a tsunami of political correctness, Kevin Bloody Wilson stands out as a beacon for PC pushback.

Considered by many as Australia's best comedian, Kevin Bloody Wilson is as dry and as rough as his Outback heritage.

His latest stage performance FUPC spotlights political correctness for how he sees it… a joke!

Kevin’s 20 albums of self-penned bawdy ballads have generated millions of sales, and his global legion of fans have elevated him to rock star status.

Guaranteed to have you belly laughing at topics and subject matter you’re not supposed to be laughing at, this is certainly something to tick off your bucket list!

Social Justice Warriors and PC advocates are advised to stay at home. Meanwhile, others are invited to enjoy a knee-slapping, hilarious night of Kevin’s take on political correctness!

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