David Baddiel sits at a laptop in darkness with a spotlight on him.  Six little colourful Troll dolls climb up and on his laptop.

David Baddiel

Comedy Trolls Not The Dolls Fri 21 Feb 2020, 7:30pm The Anvil

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Suitable for: ages 14 and over. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult

Following his five star Olivier nominated hit My Family: Not The Sitcom and the return to number 1 of his seminal football anthem Three Lions, David Baddiel comes back to the stage with a brand new one-man show, Trolls: Not The Dolls.

Trolls – the terrible people who spend all day insulting and abusing strangers for no other reason than to fill the huge gaps in their souls. There is a common wisdom about how to deal with trolls: don’t, for goodness sake, encourage these people by replying to them.

It’s a good law. And it’s one that David Baddiel has consistently broken. Because David has always seen trolls as hecklers, and if a comedian gets heckled, it is their duty not to ignore the heckler, but to wittily put them down. Over the years, David has spent a lot of time doing this, which has led him to think that there might be a show in it: a show that would say something about how we live now.

David has stories to tell, of the dark, terrible and hysterically absurd cyber-paths that interacting with trolls has led him down. Come with him on this comedy journey into our culture’s most dank virtual underground. You will come back safe, more able to deflect your own trolls, and only a little bit soiled.

David Baddiel on God, gags and being trolled – 'It hurts and then I think: material! - The Guardian


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