List of Events

  1. Alina Ibragimova is sat behind a small wooden table, her violin is placed on top. She is resting her elbows on the table

    Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

    The Anvil

  2. Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra

    Italia Con Amore with the Rivarate Choir & Collegium Chorus The Anvil

  3. Children in red polo shirts perform on stage in the orchestra

    National Children's Orchestras of Great Britain

    Geographical Pictures The Anvil

  4. Russell Watson stands on a bridge smiling as he looks out beyond the camera. He is dressed in a smart black suit.

    Russell Watson

    20th Anniversary of The Voice The Anvil

  5. The Glenn Miller Story

    The Haymarket

  6. The BBC Big Band

    The Art of Swing & Song with Joe Stilgoe & Natalie Williams The Anvil

  7. The Rainer Hersch Orkestra

    Roll Over Beethoven The Haymarket