A magic blue lamp with gold detailing in the dark with golden and blue light weaving its way out of the lamp

Oakridge Junior School: Year 6

Community Aladdin Trouble Fri 19 Jul 2024, 7:30pm The Haymarket



£10 (includes £3 booking fee)

The year sixes from Oakridge Junior School welcome you into the exciting world of Arabian Nights, where their marvellous pantomime of Aladdin Trouble is set!

Meet Scheherazade, our storyteller, who will launch you into a tale of good versus evil, a magical lamp, three wishes, witty banter and buffoonery and, of course, love conquering all.  Get into the pantomime  spirit and hiss, boo, cheer and laugh at all your favourite characters from Aladdin himself, to the Genie and the magic carpet.

Their greatest wish will be to see you there! 

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