Sing-a-Long-a Beauty and the Beast

Wed 30 May, 7pm

The Anvil

  • Tickets: £17; Under 16s £12 (includes £2 booking fee). Family rate available

Be Our Guest with a screening of Disney’s brand new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, with on-screen lyrics so everyone can join in!  

This is your chance to sing your heart out to the Disney songs of your childhood such as Belle, Gaston and not forgetting Beauty and the Beast. Sing along with Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson in this romantic fairy tale and see if you can stop those tears at the end.
Your Singalonga host will start with a pre-show warm up to get your voices limber, teach you some hand actions, and show you how to use the famous Singalonga props bag during the film. They'll also clue you in when to boo the arrogant Gaston and of course, judge the fancy dress competition!
So come along and celebrate this 'tale as old as time', dress as your favourite character and get ready to feel part of a real fairy story.

Please note this is a PG rated film

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