Leveret & Spiro

The Eccentric Orbits Tour

Fri 9 Mar, 7.30pm

The Haymarket

  • Tickets: £22; Under 25s £12 (includes £2 booking fee). Limited availability on under 25s tickets.
Featuring seven of the UK’s top instrumentalists in two incredible ensembles, The Eccentric Orbits Tour showcases the distinctive music of Leveret and Spiro in a show that will fly the flag for new English instrumental music. The two groups share much of the same raw material – tunes from a handful of 18th-century tunebooks, as well as original compositions – but their musical orbits follow widely divergent paths.  
Leveret, described by The Guardian as “the finest of traditional English folk today: a trio of poise and subtle gesture, of deft layering, graceful swing and gorgeous understatement”, rely on their mutual trust and intuition to create their music entirely in the moment – there are no arrangements and the focus shifts constantly and compellingly between three masters of their instruments.

Spiro draw inspiration from minimalism and electronic. Their live shows feature intense ensemble playing which transports audiences on an exhilarating journey far away from their roots in English folk.

This joint tour is a limited opportunity to hear the contrasting music of two of England’s finest and most original instrumental ensembles, and will include a special joint finale. An evening of thrilling new acoustic music that combines consummate musicianship, compelling delivery and captivating spontaneity.

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