Sherfield School presents


by Louis Sachar

31 Jan - 1 Feb, 7.30pm
Fri 2.30pm

The Haymarket

  • Tickets: £12; Over 65s, under 16s and f/t students £3 off (includes £2 booking fee)

When he is wrongly convicted of stealing a charitable donation, Stanley Yelnats has to make a decision, go to jail or do his time at Camp Green Lake. Having chosen the camp, he gets there to find that it’s a brutal, desolate place, full of rattlesnakes and deadly yellow spotted lizards, where he has to spend his days digging holes in the baking Texan sun.

What’s the warden looking for? Who was Kissin’ Kate Barlow? And Can Stanley ever break the curse of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather? In a follow up to last year’s successful production of Oliver!Sherfield School’s Courtyard Studio Theatre team are back to present a tale of crime and punishment and Sploosh!

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