Haymanot Tesfa & Arian Sadr

Fri 16 Nov, 7.45pm

The Forge

  • Tickets: £15; Over 65s, under 16s and f/t students £13 (includes £2 booking fee)

Amharic singer Haymanot Tesfa was born and raised in Ethiopia and now lives in England. Accompanying herself on the hypnotic 6 string krar (traditional lyre) whilst performing alongside virtuoso Iranian percussionist Arian Sadr, she will sing a set of new improvisations on deeply traditional Ethiopian songs.

Although Haymanot's music is inspired by deep reflection on the dramatic ancient landscapes and meditative social and religious music of her Ethiopian roots, the sound of her voice is the true song of a free spirit, fearless and intensely experimental. She is currently recording a set of 'essential' new pieces for her long-awaited debut album. 

Arian Sadr plays tonbak (Persian goblet drum) and daf (a circular frame drum) and performs solo and collaboratively, including with Music Action International, Manchester International Roots Orchestra (MIRO) and with producer Matthew Herbert.

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