A&E Comedy presents

Enter the Dragons

Thu 14 Nov, 7.30pm

The Haymarket

  • Tickets: £18; Under 25s £13 (includes £3 booking fee)
  • Suitable for: ages 16 and over (contains strong language and nudity)

An archetypal Hero is reframed as a mature woman in the modern world. Gripped with fear at her advancing years, she sets off on an epic quest to defeat Chronos, the god of time, and halt the inevitable - ageing. Will she succeed?
Enter the Dragons is a hilarious, surreal odyssey through the challenges of growing older, which explodes myths about beauty, sex and femininity.
Expect fantastical characters, ridiculous puppetry, extreme wigs, physical comedy and delightfully dark humour. Sixty minutes of laugh-out-loud joy, dissent and touching humility for anyone who is considering ageing.
It's like the Mighty Boosh running the Women's Institute!

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