English Paper Piecing Workshop (Christmas Project)

Fri 1 Nov, 10am - 1pm

The Linden Room

  • Tickets: £36

English Paper Piecing is a hand quilting method of folding fabric over paper/card templates and then hand sewing the pieces together. It may sound complicated, but in fact, it is very easy!

It differs from traditional patchwork in that you can sew precise, irregular shapes such as hexagons, triangles and jewel shapes - a challenge in traditional patchwork.

You will be making a Christmas decoration using hexagons, learning how to baste the template and fabric using thread/glue, as well as making your own plastic templates to take home. You will then construct the decoration and stitch it together with the ribbon and embellishments.
You'll be provided with the template plastic, fabric, ribbons, embellishments, hexagon shapes, and permanent marker pens, but will need to bring a sewing kit containing needles, a neutral coloured thread, scissors, paper and fabric, and a thimble if you use one.

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