Andy Parsons

Peak Bullsh*t

Sat 16 September, 8:00pm

The Haymarket

  • Tickets: £17 (includes £2 booking fee)
  • Suitable for: ages 14 and over

Worried about your job? Worried about your family? Worried about yourself? Worried about the health service? Education? Climate change? World War 3? Worried about worrying? Sod it! Come and have a laugh about it. It’s one of the things we do best. Or is it? Was it something we did best but like everything else has now gone West. Or South. Or East. Ah - go on. Take a risk. Put on your lucky pants and your party shoes – and get yourself on a night out. Or maybe come out dressed in a binbag, top hat and clogs. We could all use a laugh.
As seen on Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo, QI  - and repeated on Dave - Andy Parsons is one of the nation's favourite comedians. Known for his distinctive rhythm and political putdowns, this promises to be a riotous evening of top draw stand-up.

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