An Evening with Lenny Henry

Who Am I Again?

Sun 27 Oct, 7.30pm

The Anvil

  • Tickets: £35.50, £32.50 (includes £3 booking fee)
  • Suitable for: ages 14 and over
Join the epic Sir Lenny Henry as he embarks on a brand new UK tour this autumn.
Lenny Henry
is one of Britain’s best-known and celebrated comedians, with a career which began with cult stardom on children's television, and resulted in his life as a writer, radio DJ, TV presenter, co-founder of Comic Relief and award-winning actor. 
In the first half of the evening, Lenny will take you through a jam session of funny and sad memories and stories - from growing up in the Black Country, puberty, school, friendship, family secrets and unashamed racism. With his mother's mantra of 'H'integration' echoing in his ears, Lenny will recount setting out on his rollercoaster ride of a career - but at every stage wondering "am I good enough? Is this what they want?"
In part two, Lenny will be interviewed by friend, broadcaster and author Jon Canter, for further insights into his life and career, followed by questions from you, the audience.
Come and enjoy these honest and tender stories, told with a glorious sense of humour and help Lenny figure out "Who Am I Again?"

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