A sing-a-long at Abbey Court

Sing-along sessions with older people

If people are unable to come to our buildings, then we take the arts to them.

2015 saw the start of a three-year long collaborative process with four residential/extra care facilities in Basingstoke, the outcome of which will be decided by communicating with residents and staff to ensure that they are getting the most out of working with us.

Residents exhibited an interest in music and singing (but no ‘modern rubbish’ as one person contributed!), with a focus on music from the 40s to 70s. Participants were involved as they wish, so they could simply sit and listen or sing along or even get up and dance if they wished to.

Since the inception of the project, Anvil Arts has worked with four care homes (Oakfields and Binfields, which is run by Hanover, and Abbey Court, Newman Court, Saxon Weald, which are run by Sentinel Housing) to develop a programme of events to entertain, evoke responses (positive or negative!) and enrich their lives.