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The innovative and diverse Ballet Cymru will be here this Friday perfoming their spectacular adaptation of Cinderella. Get an insight into the world of ballet with our exclusive Q&A with Artistic Director, Darius James.

Has the ballet ever performed at The Haymarket before? If so, are you looking forward to be coming back?
Yes, Ballet Cymru have performed at The Haymarket a few times and many years ago at The Anvil. We love the theatre and always get an enthusiastic welcome!
What can the audience expect when the ballet arrives on June 19?
Ballet Cymru prides itself on being different and Cinderella will be no exception, with a brand new music score and circus elements combined with the finest classical dance. Ballet Cymru will be working with award winning composer Jack White and Circus Company Citrus Arts to conjure a surprising world of wonder and magic.
Does this follow the original story line of Cinderella? Or is this the company’s interpretation?
There are lots of “original” versions of the story Cinderella, we take the Brothers Grimm version, one of the oldest, as our inspiration.
Its very magical and very different.
How did you first get involved with ballet and is this production on a tour?
I founded Ballet Cymru 29 years ago. Cinderella will be touring until December.
Ballet Cymru have won many awards since their formation back in 1986. Are you proud to be part of such a well-respected dance organisation?
Very proud but its been a lot of hard work. Thanks so much to venues like The Haymarket who support us.
When it comes to dance, ballet seems to be very challenging.  Is it one of those things where you have to be naturally good at it to succeed? Or can people develop into becoming amazing ballet dancers?
Its very, very hard work and you have to be extremely dedicated and work harder than you have ever worked in your life, every day..If you can do that, and you start young, then you stand a chance. But you still need to be lucky, there is so much competition and so few jobs. 
What is your favourite thing about this production? (No spoiler alerts!)
Brilliant young dancers from all over the world pushing themselves to the extreme.
What is the best thing about being a ballet dancer?
Being paid to do what you love.
To encourage the next generation of ballet dancers, what could you say to them?
Come and take part in one of our Workshops or classes. Riverfront Summer Dance is a brilliant place to start and the summer school runs from 20 Jul to 1 Aug this year. See our website welshballet.co.uk for details.
What has been the biggest highlight for you since joining this production?
Working with circus company Citrus Arts who taught us silk work and some counterweight work. It really brings another dimension to the production.

Cinderella will be perfomed at The Haymarket on Fri 19 Jun. You can book online or call the Box Office on 01256 844244.

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