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We asked you on Twitter and Facebook to send in your questions for Su Pollard, and now... we've got the answers!

Catch Su this Sunday 12 Oct in Ha Ha Hood!

What do you make of British comedy today?
There’s not enough laugh out loud material.
What’s your secret for looking young?  
I exercise every morning for 20 minutes wherever I am and I laugh every day. I also try to eat a very healthy diet and have small portions – usually by having a smaller plate. I also use a good skincare range.
Where do you buy your clothes? 
Everywhere and anywhere – it  can range from Vivienne Westwood to a little local shop.
What’s your favourite moment in Ha Ha Hood?   
There are many but I really have fun in the gym scene with Tommy and Bobby!
Who’s the greatest legend you’ve ever worked with?  
Paul Shane who I worked with in Hi-de-Hi! and the legend that was Freddie Mercury who I met in a club in Earls Court.
Do you prefer playing villains?   
The only villain I have played is the Wicked Queen in Snow White. I love playing her as I feel that when children are carried away from the theatre crying I’ve done a good job!! A lot of people class Miss Hannigan in Annie as a villain but I don’t I think she is, she is just misunderstood.
How do you think Peggy would be coping in the 21st century?    
She’d be absolutely marvellous – she would probably find technology of today extremely mystifying so she would soldier on in her own little world.
Who would be in your merry men and why? 
The Hoff, Freddie Mercury, Tom Jones, Elton John, Harry Styles and Paul McCartney.
If you had to go on a celebrity reality TV show, which would it be? The Jungle, Strictly, or Big Brother?   
I would rather slit my wrists!

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