Q&A With TJ Davis from Abba Party Night

Here at The Anvil, we'll be partying with Abba Party Night  on Thursday 9 October. We had a chat with Frida from the show (TJ Davis) about what it's like being part of the best party around. 

Which Abba song gets you in a party mood?
I think most people would say Dancing Queen, but for me it’s Take a Chance on Me. Must be all the jumping up and down we do!
What is your favourite piece of Abba costume?
Definitely the white platform boots!
If you could go back to the seventies for a day, what would you do?
I’d make sure I got to wrote with Benny and Björn!
How long has it taken you to create the perfect Abba act?
There’s been a lot of listening and watching to try and recreate the authentic sound. The girls could really sing, and the songs are so fantastic, we had to do them justice!
What is your favourite memory of performing as Abba?
Festivals are hard to beat, seeing people have a great time dancing and singing along! Supporting the Spice Girls at Wembley (while performing with Björn Again) and performing at The Royal Albert Hall to a sold out crowd.
How did you get into music and singing?
I wanted to be a singer after watching Abba win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Moving to London and joining various bands was the way forward once I was old enough.
How did the band form and how long have you all known each other?
We’ve known each other since we all performed with Björn Again in the mid-nineties. We decided to get our own show out when we realised the demand was there for the four of us to perform together again.
What made you chose Abba as your tribute band?
I’d make a terrible Freddie Mercury…
Apart from Abba, who are your music heroes?
I love Queen and singers such as Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston.
If you could ask the members of Abba any question, what would it be?
How on earth did you write such brilliant pop songs in English when it’s not your native tongue? We have actually met Agnetha in Sweden, very surreal performing Dancing Queen when the real Agnetha is dancing along in front of you. We met Benny and Björn back stage at the Thank You For The Music concert in Hyde Park a few years ago. We had a chat to them about the songs and how they wrote and recorded them, a great opportunity.
What can audiences expect form your show?
An Abba spectacular! Corny, but true!

You can book tickets for Abba Party Night online or call our Box Office on 
01256 844244