A Thousand and One Nights

A colourful tale of long sultry nights, studded with exciting stories of robbers, sailors, fishermen, genies, moody camels and a flying horse! For a thousand and one nights the beautiful and clever Scheherazade would tell a thrilling tale to her husband, the Sultan, always stopping at sunrise at the most exciting part. Curious to hear the story’s ending, the Sultan would delay her execution to the following day, only for Scheherazade to complete and start another story, thus saving herself from suffering the same fate as the Sultan’s previous, unfortunate and considerably less clever wives.

Talented young singer Rebecca Watson took (Sheharazad), and a cast of more than 70 characters, drawn from the community of Basingstoke and throughout Hampshire, were involved in this production.

Music by Stephen McNeff, directed by Daniel Slater, A Thousand and One Nights was one of the biggest and most exciting projects ever mounted in the South of England.

“It’s a pity The Anvil’s first ever community opera couldn’t go on for 1001 nights... an amazing display of local talent”
Basingstoke Gazette

July 1999