Authentic Voices

Authentic Voices

by Steve Hawes
directed by Paul Chamberlain

Authentic Voices was a special Anvil Arts project, created by a professional team working with members of the community, which looked back fifty years to a world of innocence and uncertainty.

1963 was the beginning of the peak time for people leaving London to take up residence in Basingstoke under the government re-housing scheme, which saw the once small market town transformed first into a building site and then a sprawling community divided between incomers and locals, at the outset no more inclined to like each other than the Montagues and Capulets of Verona. No Time to Woo was a play, devised with teenage pupils of Aldworth Science College, and based on the recollections of their elders, about the conflicting aspirations either side of that divide in 1963, and what happened the first time teenage love dared to cross it.

In addition to enjoying the play audiences viewed previously unseen film of Basingstoke in transition, heard the voices of some of the 1960s pioneers and, with the help of the Basingstoke Carnival Chorus and a specially formed multi-generational dance company Alterations Through Generations, enjoyed the song and dance of a world previously unimagined.

March 2013