Mandela in Mind

Mandela in Mind

Mandela in Mind was a musical collaboration between Anvil Arts, Testbourne Community School, and North Waltham, Overton and Whitchurch Primary Schools. 

The Anvil Arts team was led by virtuoso composer and conductor Howard Moody, and includes a sensational group of musicians including violinist Ken Aiso, drummer Buster Birch, kora player Tunde Jegede, jazz singer Zara McFarlane and guitarist Adrian Zolotuhin.

Howard Moody explained “Mandela in Mind is a reflection on the life and work of Nelson Mandela. It includes a newly composed version of the poem Invictus, created by the performers themselves. Mandela used to recite Invictus, whilst imprisoned, inspiring transformation through non-violence. 

Each school had six sessions with a combination of different professional musicians at each workshop and then continued to work on material during lessons between these visits, taking inspiration from the life of Nelson Mandela along with themes explored during Black History Month.

"It’s been really great and we have learnt a lot about performing"  Participant

March 2014