kraftwerk re:werk

The British Paraorchestra and Friends

Sat 24 Nov, 7.45pm

The Anvil

  • Tickets: £25; Under 16s £15 (includes £3 booking fee)

Charles Hazlewood conducts
Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra

kraftwerk-re:werk takes Kraftwerk’s inspirational album Trans Europe Express as the starting point for a thrilling symphonic trip.

Created by composers Charlotte Harding and Lloyd Coleman, kraftwerk re:werk is a fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds and new technology to create a ground-breaking experience.

Explore a new kind of hybrid music with a score designed specially for the 39-piece ensemble containing a bank of Moogs, drum machines, live percussion and assistive technology, alongside bass oboes, an electro harp and a suite of orchestral strings and brass to take you on an unparalleled sonic journey.

The sound on stage is amplified and filtered live, turning the orchestra into a giant synthesizer, in an update of Kraftwerk's original orchestral synth approach. With ear-bending sounds sitting next to 70s beats, sounds are crushed, filtered and distorted to stunning effect, backed up by large scale projections. The addition of seriously wild pieces by Ligeti, Messiaen and Schnittke only adds to the mayhem. A truly bold night of music - with only three dates in the country, don't miss it here!
Please note: This performance contains flashing lights and moving images.

Commissioned by The Paraorchestra and Friends and Simple Things. Produced by The Paraorchestra and Friends, in association with Sound UK. Supported by Arts Council England

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