Shell Shock

starring Tim Marriott (The Brittas Empire)
"There's nothing wrong with me - it's the others!"
Comedy drama Shell Shock explores the story of an ex-soldier’s experience coping with a return to civvy life, adapted from The Diary of Tommy Atkins and highlighting the work of charities such as Combat Stress and Help For Heroes. 

Murder, Margaret, and Me

starring Lin Blakley (EastEnders)

Agatha Christie turns sleuth in a play by Philip Meeks.

Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, two of our greatest and most celebrated national treasures, should never have been friends. But they were. Their paths crossed when they found themselves at the heart of one of British cinema's most successful franchises. However, the Miss Marple films almost didn't get made.

The Black Veil

Newly-qualified doctor Stephen Ruggles has just arrived home on a stormy winter’s evening and is warming himself by the fire. A mysteriously-veiled elderly woman arrives at his door and begs him to visit a nameless patient at daybreak the following morning. Against his better judgement, Ruggles agrees, only to find himself embroiled in a web of lies and deceit that ends in death... but for whom?

Night Terrors

Spine-tingling tales of the supernatural from E.F. Benson’s brilliant collection of ghost stories, Night Terrors. Masterful storytelling from Gerard Logan, who from the deceptive comfort of an easy chair will transport you to a darker, more sinister world where the unexpected and the unexplainable will intrigue and disturb.

Jane Eyre

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will” 

A gothic masterpiece of tempestuous passions and dark secrets, Jane Eyre tells the thrilling story of an orphan girl and her journey from a childhood of loneliness and cruelty to life at Thornfield Hall and an unlikely relationship with the mysterious Mr Rochester. Falling in love, she gradually uncovers the terrible secret that forces her to make a heart-wrenching choice.

Crimes on the Coast

Following the success of Crimes on the Nile at The Haymarket, we welcome back multi-award-winning theatre company New Old Friends as they present Crimes On the Coast, a comedy thriller directed by James Farrell (The 39 Steps).
A secluded island hotel just off the English coast becomes a crime scene, as a scandal-inducing femme-fatale is felled. All the guests on the island are suspects, but are they alone and is all quite what it seems?

La Bohème

OperaUpClose bring their hugely acclaimed, 2011 Olivier Award-winning, new English version of Puccini’s La Bohème.

One of the most accessible and moving operas ever written, La Bohème charts the ups and downs of a group of idealistic graduates as they bicker, party, try to make ends meet and follow their dreams.


Following a West End run, the mind bending psychological thriller Mindgame will be coming to The Haymarket.

Mark Styler, a writer of glossy ‘true crime’ paperbacks, has no idea what he’s walking into when he tries to get an interview with Easterman, a notorious serial killer. First he has to get past Dr Farquhar, the quixotic head of Fairfields – the asylum where Easterman is kept. But soon he discovers that nothing is what it seems.

Who is the mysterious Borson? Where did he get the meat in the fridge? And why isn’t the skeleton in the closet?

Crimes on the Nile

Belgian detective extraordinaire, Artemis Arinae, is enjoying a cruise along the Nile when tragedy strikes again. The passengers and staff are suspects, the murder count is growing, will Arinae’s little grey cells identify the murderer in time?

A cast of just four perform multiple outrageous characters, inventive set pieces and whisk the plot along in a romp in this Agatha Christie-inspired comedy thriller.

Post-show Talk - Sat 4 May, 2pm

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Following a sell-out West End run, European Arts Company brings this brilliant dramatisation of the libel and criminal trials of Oscar Wilde, written by his grandson Merlin Holland.

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