Mayor's Spring Charity Concert

An exciting evening of international music, song and dance showcasing the talent of local young performers. The programme promises something for everyone and will include Hampshire Taiko drummers, Russian song and dance, and a host of young musicians and dancers, featuring some of the Basingstoke Area Youth Orchestra ensembles.

Berkshire Maestros

Berkshire Maestros once again brings hundreds of young people together from local primary schools to celebrate the joy of singing featuring songs from the musical RATS!

The National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain

Join the brilliant young musicians in NCO as they return to Basingstoke with a bang! Hot off the heels of their 40th anniversary, these teenagers will perform a variety of orchestral pieces to inspire and delight audiences of all ages. Enjoy a sprinkling of springtime magic like no other.

Hampshire Music Service

Programme includes: 

Bernstein Mambo from West Side Story
Holst         Mars from The Planets
Bach         Toccata and Fugue
Bates         A Bao a Qu

Hampshire Country Youth Orchestra
Romsey area Schools Concert Band
Hampshire Youth Jazz Centre

Hampshire Music Service Showcase

Hear your teachers perform!
The Hampshire Music Service teachers show off their musical skills. Orchestra, band, choir, jazz – something for everyone and a varied programme of great entertainment.

Basingstoke Choral Society

On sale to Friends now
On general sale Wed 14 Nov, 10am

Mozart                      Requiem
Janet Wheeler          I Sing and Ever Shall

New London Sinfonia
David Gibson    conductor

Peter Bedpan

Will Peter BedPan defeat Captain Hook? Will Wendy and her brothers make it back to the hospital? Come along and see your local hospital consultants, doctors, nurses and other hospital employees take to the stage once again for an afternoon/evening of fun and laughter. 

The Wherwell Cockatrice

Join Hampshire County Council's Music Service presents a Hampshire folk tale, collected and retold by Michael O’Leary.

There are strange goings on in the ancient village of Wherwell. Come and find out what a Cockatrice is, what havoc they created, who and what they ate... and who saved the day (oh noble knight!).
Each song has been written especially for KS2 children and will be led by a Hampshire Music Service staff band with an onstage secondary school choir. Come along and join in with singing the songs.

Barnaby Bear's Adventures at Sea

Following the success of Barnaby’s previous journeys, this year sees him going on an adventure at sea. There will be ships, desert islands and perhaps a chance meeting of a pirate captain.
Each song has been written especially for KS1 children and will be led by a Hampshire Music Service staff band with an onstage choir of KS2 pupils. You will join Barnaby and his fun friends on this magical adventure and help them sing the songs. 
Bring your favourite teddy bear!


When he is wrongly convicted of stealing a charitable donation, Stanley Yelnats has to make a decision, go to jail or do his time at Camp Green Lake. Having chosen the camp, he gets there to find that it’s a brutal, desolate place, full of rattlesnakes and deadly yellow spotted lizards, where he has to spend his days digging holes in the baking Texan sun.

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