The World at Large

The World at Large

Our education project, The World at Large, aims to develop children’s understanding of their school’s own learning and behavioural values through music and drama.

Taking place at school, the project runs for four days, with the first three focussed on workshops on the learning values, and then using the work to develop a performance (about 30 – 40 mins long). The final day sees a rehearsal and then two performances; one to the rest of the school and one to family and friends.

Neil Valentine, who is also a member of the touring Brodowski Quartet, is the Creative Lead for this project, and works with a team of professionals, University and College work-placement students. Following the most recent run of the project he said, “The project was a joyous week - creating new music, movement, art and stories with some fantastically enthusiastic young people.”

We hope to develop this project and reach more schools within the Borough in the near future. There is currently no charge to schools and we are keen to work in a way which supports the work of teachers and tailor our project to your needs.

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