Partnership with Queen Mary's College

Students from Queen Mary’s College take part in technical training workshops at The Anvil to increase their skills, concentrating on lighting and sound for live performance.
The workshops supplement modules within the Performing Arts and Music Technology courses that QMC currently offers.  A showcase performance then takes place at The Anvil, giving students the opportunity to experience all technical aspects of a show day, from initial load-in to performance.
"It was good to see the preparation that goes into production sound rather than just trying to work it out whilst watching a show" said Tom O'Driscoll, studying at the college. 
Ruairi McNulty, Technical Manager at The Anvil explained “The students are being given practical experience of what is required to succeed in the industry.  QMC delivers courses that prepare young people for direct entry into various industries and we are pleased to be able to help make their transition from education to workforce as smooth as possible”.
Teacher of Music Technology Rob Cavill added “Using the facilities and professional staff at The Anvil adds value to the student experience and gives the students an extra dimension that cannot be achieved in the classroom.  Our partnership with The Anvil Trust gives us an extra edge in a competitive market for student recruitment”.